Giving Birth In Bangladesh – Appalling Apollo Hospital, Dhaka

Our beautiful daughter – Nina Emily Fouzia Chowdhoury was born at Dhaka Apollo Hospital on the 3rd September 2013.  Whilst our little family is now doing very well and we could not be happier with our new addition my birth experience here in Dhaka was not ideal.  I deliberately decided to postpone blogging the details so I could give a more balanced view now that my baby is thriving.

Nina in Mummy’s tummy

The first part of my labour story I guess starts on the evening of the 1st September when I stopped feeling baby’s usual kicks.  The next morning we decided to check things out so we made an unscheduled appointment with our consultant Dr Mrinal.  He put on the ultrasound and did a quick scan. Our baby’s heartbeat was loud and clear on the sound system but the doctor, in a serious face, told us that he wanted me to be admitted to “see if the baby is still alive”.   My husband and I were very confused as obviously we had just heard a firm heartbeat but our instinct at the time was to go with what the doctors were telling us as we were now anxious that our baby could be in immediate danger.   Whilst I was taken to the maternity ward and placed on foetal monitoring my husband was directed to the billing counter to pay a deposit for my hospital stay.

After the initial 40 minute test my baby’s heartbeat was normal but I was still finding it difficult to pick up her movements.  I was then taken for a full ultrasound. The screening doctor there initially told us that the baby was moving and seemed fine.  She calculated that our baby’s weight was around 2.3 kg and explained that she still had a way to go and would gain more before delivery.   We explained that I had been sent for a full ultrasound as our consultant felt an emergency c-section might be necessary due to my baby’s reduced movement.  Instantaneously this Doctor then did a U-turn and distanced herself from own assessment!  She then said she wanted to recheck the size of the baby and increased the baby’s approximate weight to 3.3kg.  She reassured me that actually my baby was ready to be born now (a complete back track on her initial assessment) and confirmed that Nina would be “good size and perfectly healthy”.  Of course my husband and I really did not know what to believe at this point and we were nervous as we knew that Nina had still four more weeks to go.

I was then returned to the ward and placed in my own room.  Later that morning we were informed by the nursing staff that Dr Mrinal had made the decision to deliver my baby the following day by c-section.  Dr Mrinal did not consult us or even advise us about this himself – he took the decision unilaterally and told the nursing staff to book the operating theater.  Again we were confused as the nursing staff were only able to tell us that our baby had scored “highly on the foetal assessment” but that the baby still needed to be delivered then next day.  My husband and I discussed the possibility of getting a second opinion or transferring hospitals but we rationalised that this consultant knew us best and that handing over the care at this late stage might not be best.  At the time we were very vulnerable and did not have much time to decide what to do.

During the afternoon of the 2nd September 2013 I started to feel my baby move and her movements returned to normal.  My husband and I tried to consult with Dr Mrinal during ward round and the medical team throughout the afternoon and evening to see if we could postpone delivery but I was repeatedly advised that my baby was now ready to be born at 36 weeks.  Among the medical team there was a strict hierarchy where the junior doctors and nursing staff were literally frightened of the consultant.  They failed to address or escalate our anxieties about a premature delivery and could only reiterate that our baby was full term.  Sadly I felt that the duty doctors did not understand or want to listen to what we were saying.  My husband and I were deeply anxious about the decision that had been made and we felt steamrolled into undergoing the procedure – there were certainly a lot of tears before I went down for surgery.   With hindsight we should have sought a second opinion though at the time we were vulnerable and frightened of losing our baby after the panic that had been instilled.

At 4.10pm on the 3rd September my baby daughter was born.  She was 2.5 kg in weight. Due to her prematurity our daughter required immediate special care in the neonatal care unit.  Our baby required immediate resuscitation and showed signs of respiratory distress.  She required 18 hours of oxygen support.

My baby had to be placed on gastric feeding at 20 hours of age and I was only able to attempt to breastfeed when she was two days old. Without our knowledge, consultation or consent our baby was placed on antibiotics via cannula for septic screening.   We were advised by the pediatric team that our baby was actually premature by five weeks and that Nina was in fact only 35 weeks gestation!  We were then told that these sorts of complications were expected where babies that are delivered that early!


With Nina in NICU

It immediately materialised that Nina was not ready to be born after all.  Cleverly as soon as delivery had taken place Dr Mrinal took no interest in our baby or her condition as his role was now limited to monitoring my c-section scar/post-op recovery.  He was not prepared to discuss Nina’s prematurity, her admission into special care or our anxieties that this would happen.  It soon materialised that at in Apollo’s private health care system the obstetrics and gynecology department are a completely separate limb from the pediatric team who looked after Nina.  These different departments do not work together to ensure a positive outcome and there was certainly no inter-departmental working to collectively weigh up the risks of a premature delivery.  Instead the pediatric team at Apollo welcomed the premature delivery of our daughter with open arms as conveniently her special care boosted our hospital bill.  WE HAVE SINCE BEEN ADVISED BY OTHER OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGICAL CONSULTANTS THAT THE TREATMENT PROPOSED BY APOLLO WAS UNNECESSARY, INAPPROPRIATE AND UNETHICAL.  We have since been told that the sound and reasonable practice would have been to monitor and reassess the situation on a routine basis once Nina’s movements had resumed.  Had Nina’s condition been truly life threatening there would not have been a 30 hour delay in her delivery.

Seeing my baby in the special care unit was extremely traumatising and I don’t think it is something we will ever forget for all the wrong reasons.   At the time we had trusted Apollo as a place of  clinical excellence but sadly Apollo are only interested in the unethical practice of maximising hospital bills at the cost of the suffering of a little new born and her parents. We hear that even the public healthcare sector of Bangladesh, which is not as fancy as these private, foreign owned hospitals, has been performing better. Indeed Bangladesh has been getting high scores in reducing infant and mother mortality during child birth although this has nothing to do with these fancy operators.


Nina out of special care looking at her Mum!


Getting to know the new addition!

Sleeping with Daddy!

Sleeping with Daddy!


Breastfeeding was a struggle for me as some physiological problems meant that my baby had difficulty latching. The hospital was not able to provide support with lactation or with feeding issues in general.  My pediatrician Dr Istiaque refused to discuss using formula despite Nina’s low birth weight and inability to take breast milk.  During a follow up appointment six days later my daughter’s birth weight had slumped to 2.3 kg (she had lost 15% in weight) and the doctor still refused to discuss alternative feeding options.  Our stress levels were in overdrive at this point.

Other Challenges

Whilst some of the nursing staff were very kind during my hospital stay many did not speak good English.  Fortunately my husband’s first language is Bengali so was able to translate.  Those who did speak English often responded in Bengali so I sometimes felt removed from the whole process.

We found that there was no consultation process like in the UK – the doctors give their opinion and you either accept it or go elsewhere.

Apollo do not give you access to your child’s medical/feeding records and we were not permitted to attend ward rounds when our baby was in special care.

On the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit the medical team was very awkward around me.  I was frequently stared at – I assume because I looked different and perhaps the language barriers made them feel embarrassed.   This was deeply frustrating at a time when I really needed some emotional support. This was totally unexpected given that foreigners do frequent the hospital when in need

Fortunately my bad experience at Apollo is now a distant memory as I now have a happy, healthy 4 month old.  My husband and I are pursuing a complaint following our experiences and we have been proactive in warning family and friends about what happened.

If we are lucky enough to have another baby in the future I would decide to return to the UK for the pregnancy and birth.  I would certainly never return to Apollo.  More than the delivery experience itself I think I missed out on the wider support network that exists in the UK with antenatal care and home visits from midwives to carry out care in the community.  I think that childbirth in Bangladesh is much more of a clinical process though in my experience more extensive community support is provided here by large family networks rather than healthcare professionals.

Needless to say I also really missed my own family during this life changing time and I would not choose to “go it alone” next time.  As for other foreigners I have met in Dhaka – one or two have delivered their babies naturally in different private hospitals in Bangladesh with mixed experiences.  Most have delivered their second babies in Bangladesh after delivering the first back in their own countries.  Many foreigners and wealthier Bangladeshis also choose to deliver children overseas with popular choices being India and Thailand.

Finally I thought I would finish this post with a few recent and happy pictures of our daughter Nina who is a complete blessing to us….


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  1. Jo says:

    This is really fascinating Emma. It’s also really brave of you to think about writing such a personal journey; it can’t have been easy to think over the experience again. Congratulations on your gorgeous little girl, I’m so pleased you’re both healthy and happy. XXX

  2. Lucinda says:

    Hi Emma,
    I’ve been avidly following your pregnancy and birth experience to see how things went, in case I follow a similar path in the future. I’m sorry to hear that you had such a horrible experience. Thanks for writing about it and sharing your perspective. Enjoy your gorgeous baby girl.

  3. Tasmia Ahmed says:

    Hi. I am Tasmia and Dr.Mrinal was my OBG during my second baby, i.e born on June 16th 2013. I also blindly trusted this doc and Apollo thus continued for 8 months of pregnancy journey with D. MRINAL. However I had small cyst in my uterus and thus i was told to be having a C-section and so I presumed that my cysts will be operated out during the C-section only, but to m both the baby surprise Dr.MRINAL said that “we cannot operate both the baby and the tumor in one operation and thus I will have to go through another full lower abdomen operation after 3 months to remove cysts. I freaked out and began to cry in the chamber itself….
    Long story cut short… I immediately took the decision of taking a second opinion at central hospital and was assured that it is possible to remove the cyst at once during the C-section as the cyst was too tiny. Having not waste a moment I decided to book myself at Central Hospital and at half of the cost and with all luxuries of a hospital stay I delivered my second baby ‘ADYAN’.
    Need more be said!!!

    • Asif says:

      I think it is more on the Doctor than the hospital, because I’ve went there for my first baby boy Zafir, and even though C-section is “The trend” in Bangladesh because they can charge us more, we went to Dr. Monwara and she was very forthcoming about the whole process and everything.
      While doing the C-section on my wife, she found a cyst and removed it on the same operation right after delivery.

      I would suggest Apollo to be more stringent on which doctors they keep and to put more effort on listening to out-patient’s feedback.
      Having said that, Apollo itself in general charges more, and has doctors that ask you for more and more tests. God knows they don’t have any less patients, then why be so unethical?

    • Shall appreciate if you tell us the name of your Physician/Surgeon, so that we can get help and off course I need to avoid this fellow Dr. Mrinal, who operated my wife last year.

  4. sajid says:

    We went to Mrinal too for our nine month old daughter! we actually thought he was the best of a number of doctors we went to. reading your story, thank god we didnt deliver in Apollo in the end.
    BTW -May I say Nina is absolutely gorgeous. God Bless

    • Hi Sajid – we actually thought that Dr Mrinal was very good initially – we were satisfied with him during our monthly check ups which is why we chose to deliver through him. Sadly things went wrong very quickly and we felt completely walked over in the end. It is so sad that the medical professional we had took advantage of our vulnerability. Sadly we were not the only parents to have experienced this abuse and the maternity unit was full of anxious and upset parents…it was not the happy, joyful place you would expect.

  5. Sanja says:

    I am happy that Nina is in good conditions now and all night mare is behind you..! I lived in Dhaka for 3 years and left when I got pregnant …had some initial problems in pregnancy, was hospitalized in another well know private hospital, was given some wrong medicines over a month…and thanks God I decided to leave the country….delivered my daughter in Italy .You are lucky that Nina is healthy and if you decide to have the second child, please monitor the pregnancy out of Bangladesh !

    • Yes Sanja I have learned an important lesson. I really wanted to deliver in Bangladesh as at the time it was more convenient for our family and I thought I should keep an open mind. Next time I will return to the UK as safety comes first.

  6. David says:

    My wife and I live in Chittagong and have delivered two of our children at Memorial Christian Hospital in Malumghat in Chakaria thana, The hospital has American doctors and nurses, but not neonatal. I would highly recommend it if you have never had problems in previous pregnancies. They tell you up front that they cannot deliver if there may be complications. If they sense something early enough, they will give you time to travel out of the country for delivery, if you so choose. We are thankful that your little girl was delivered safely, even through the incompetence shown by the doctor. Have a wonderful day with your gorgeous daughter!

    • Thanks David – my in-laws are actually from Chittagong and I know the place well. We had initially decided to deliver in Chittagong as we had lots of family support there but I was not satisfied with the facilities so we decided to return to Apollo and our original consultant. I have a friend – Verlene Thurston who mentioned Malumghat and the good work that goes on there though sadly the distance was a bit to far for us. We had considered it though 🙂 Thanks for your comment and informing others who might benefit from the services at Malumghat.

  7. Barki Imam says:

    Very sorry to hear about this, but at the same time I am very glad that little Nina is doing fine now and is growing up fast. May God give her a good health and bright future. Our prayers and best wishes for her. I would also like to thank you for sharing this news as me and my wife are now trying and Apollo could have been the one we would have gone. Now I would really give a second thought before going there again.

  8. Jess says:

    hi! we also consulted Dr Mrinal when I was pregnant in 2012. he never answered any of my questions, even forgot to tell me to get the tetanus shot (i had to ask him – i did those at 6 and 7 months). Everyone said he is the best but we were never convinced. I had a very miserable pregnancy but it was never a high-risk one. however, when i was 28 wks, we took my mil (she is from india) with us to the hospital. Dr Mrinal suddenly and very seriously told us that i have placenta previa and that i had to limit my movements (or i will bleed) and i will have to give birth by c-section. i was only 28 wks pregnant and the placenta had time to move up. needless to say that my mil got deeply worried. that really annoyed us because we felt he was playing her. it was true that i was terribly sick throughout my pregnancy but it was still just all the normal pregnancy symptoms. Once when I asked him why am I gaining so much of weight when I am hardly eating, his reply was ‘u must be enjoying bangladeshi food’!!! i gained a lot of water weight. i was so puffy but i expected my doctor to tell me abt that and not having to research it myself.
    i had lots of cramps and he gave me sthg called diluvan (wrong sp)or so. that medicine has been banned everywhere except in the indian subcontinent and it was used primarily for horses. he said it was to stop premature labour. of course, i did not take that medicine. he said i was at high risk for premature labour because of placenta previa.
    I left dhaka for mauritius (my country) when i was around 33wk pregnant. went to see the doctor there and i was told that i have lots of water in my body (which is actually good for the baby), i do not have placenta previa (just have a low placenta and it is going up as the week progresses) and thank God i did not take the obsolete medication and it was too early to decide abt c-section and im not at any risk of premature labour. I carried my baby girl at full term – well more than full term – 41 weeks. Eventually, i had a c-section as I did not get labour pains. i was induced at almost wk 42. it did not work on me but there was fetal distress. my doctor immediately operated on me while being so reassurring all the time. the whole team at the hospital was so nice that it was such a lovely experience. the pedriatrician was great. our baby was born healthy at 3.5 kgs.
    she had the cord wrapped twice around her neck, hence the fetal distress.
    im sorry you had to go through all this. i understood what you mean abt the junior doctors being terrified of the consultant and how they just did not ask you for your opinion. i felt your struggle. im so glad your baby is well.

  9. Rownok says:

    We (me and my wife) have similar experience in Apollo. Though the situation was not that critical as yours but in some extent the experience is same. I remember when my daughter born just after one day (she was also in neonatal care unit for 4 days due to early birth (1 week earlier) and low weight) doctor was saying she had breathing problem and need to perform an ECO and ECG. I cannot explain that moment, what went through to me and my wife. Interesting part is doctor informed us later on after they performed the tests.

    Anyway best wishes to Nina 🙂

  10. bithee says:

    i heard bad storied about appolo as well….. u should have sued them

  11. Omar says:

    I don’t know what to say. First I want to say Congratulation and by the grace of Almighty your sweet princess is in good health. But my prince, my baby didn’t not make it. It was Dr Mrinal and his so called best TEAM, which is full of incompetent doctors.

    We really worked very hard for a baby and when it was gifted to me and my wife Dr.Mrinal and his team neglected us. We are the victims of so called best medical service of Apollo Hospital Dhaka.

    My baby was premature, he was 25 weeks and the pediatrics dept didn’t even do anything rather they left my son to die in front of me. I still remember his sweet heart beat was slowly died off after two hours of his birth.

    I dont know, I am lost, I am frustrated, angry but can’t do anything, As I am the biggest loser as a father. A father who protects their children from and provides security to his family but I just couldn’t do anything.

    Congratulation once again. If possible, and if you all don’t mind please pass my love to NINA.

    • I am extremely sorry to hear of your loss. We had no idea how appalling Dr Mrinal and Apollo was. all that glitters is not gold. Apparently the law protects doctors from being sued, Bangladesh medical and dental council who are in charge of overseeing doctors have never brought any action against any doctor. Regulation and regulators both are failing patients. In a system where these doctors and their institutes cannot be held accountable they can continue to play with people’s lives. i think its time we the sufferers spoke out.

  12. Israt Ara Younus says:

    I am really happy to see that some is very vocal about these malpractice in Apollo Hospital. I am also a victim and they also tricked my husband to agree for a c-section when by Baby’s lung did not even developped on 18th March 2008. He was in neonatal ICU for 11 days! You can contact me for more details if that would help you for your legal case

  13. Nowshaba says:

    I also went to Dr. Mrinal back in 2009 and he asked me to operate my small fibroids. And I went to Singapore for second opinion and they said it is not at all required and over time it is automatically go away… These doctors just wants to cut you open and earn some extra money…. That’s what they do and they don’t really care about the patient…. Sad but true… Thanks to Allah that despite of all the trouble you and your baby is OK now.

  14. Rukhsana Tajin says:

    Hi, so sorry to hear what you have gone through. I’ve heard similar stories about this butcher Mrinal. He must have been a bigshot in Bangladesh, but I wish you would be able to bring this butcher and Apollo under trial. I will share your story as much as I can. I apologise as a Bangladeshi for what you’ve faced on an event that had caused you so much trouble and trauma. Best wishes for Nina!

  15. dr abdullah says:

    feeling sorry for you……

  16. sunita says:

    Apollo is here to make money, not take care of the health of Bangladeshis

  17. joy says:

    My sympathy goes for you but actually what we can do more…….best wishes for u

  18. Saira Rahim says:

    Hi Emma
    first of all I want to send a big hug for u and ur beautiful daughter nina…
    I had two preemies one at 36 weeks and another at 32.. I live in canada and my second baby who’s a 36 week preemie.. had the Same issue as nina..he wasn’t gaining good weight so I used to get ultrasound every other day…
    the whole thing which Dr.mrinal did was seriously not exceptable. . First of all they did not gave u steroids …which is very important for the baby’s lung growth…so that she could breathe her self ..and don’t needs to put on artificial breathing assistant.. and second and also most important thing ..they didn’t gave u any moral support which is very imp for u and ur child during delivery. .and pregnancy …the third mistake they did is they didn’t wanted to wait and go for a vaginal delivery. .
    I was lucky enough to be in canada… the supports are endless here…all the care at the neonatal unit and the breastfeeding help was awesome….my 36 weeker could breathe by himself despite of being 4 pounds 10 ounces only because of the steroids i received. ..the care , love and support I received I will cherish my whole life. …I didn’t had my parents here but never felt alone …i also looked different from the nurses and dr’s ..but they never let me feel that….after care here is awesome here the home visiting nurses and all the support s are awesome. .
    Despite of being a Bangladeshi by birth I glad that I am a canadian citizen..where my kids are safe…their life is the most important thing..their security is the first priority…
    I feel so sorry that u had to go through a lot and being a foreigner u had bad experiences about Bangladeshi medical system. ..these dr’s who always wanted to make money ..are ruining every thing making the Bangladeshi people suffer of their ugly thirst for making more money. ..
    still cannot believe government is not doing anything against them….there license should be cancelled for putting ur life in danger by giving u unnecessary stress and also operating on u just for nothing …and putting ur daughters life in danger by delivering her early. ..and also not treating her properly with edecuate support and and after care…
    again want to send u hugs for being a brave mom..ur little angel is beautiful. .

  19. sameera says:

    it must have been traumatic for a mother to go through what u and ur husband had gone through…but i m happy that all ended well…now, i hv two ways to look at the situation…one from the point of view of a mother who has had two babies, 12 years apart, both delivered in bangladesh and mashallah doing great and another from a concerned mother who has seen or heard too many similar kind of stories about patients being ignored or/and maltreated by hospitals, staff and doctors here…..if going abroad suits someone, of course, he or she should go there..but thats not the point here..the major concern is the indifference of the hospital management…i believe even in the UK things not necessarily go perfectly well all the time but because of the vigilant system of the healthcare, patients there do not feel the same as u have felt…hope a positive change will come soon…all the best for nina!

  20. Tanzi says:

    I m really feeling sorry about ur experiences.And all these are truly unexpected.
    I also gave birth of my son at Apollo on 24th Jun’2013. It was a normal delivery. I was under Dr.Ritu Agarwal.she was such a wonderful doctor. But unfortunately she left Apollo on my 5th months of pregnancy. After that I was sent to Dr. Mrinal. From the very first day I didn’t like his words & attitude.
    Therefore I had no option left then Dr. Monowara. (Though I didn’t like her too).
    I choose Apollo only because of their post natal treatment. I heard lots of good things in this.
    But honestly, they have nothing for moms.95% of their pregnancy ends with c-sections.
    Thanks to the almighty as I was of rest 5%.And thanks to all duty doctors. Because I believe if my dr.was not in leave on that day, I might face a c-section too!
    Finally, I think everyone knows why Nina’s mummy face all these! Because she is a foreigner. So the dr. & hospital smells currency from her. Their intention was money not the poor baby. 😦

    • Hi Tanzi – I also saw Dr Ritu until the point she left 16 weeks into my pregnancy…indeed we found her to be extremely professional. After she left we were similarly transferred to Dr Mrinal. My blog only touches on the major issues we faced as I did not want to overload my post. The whole story is even more shocking – the full account is pages and pages long. Thanks for readying and adding your comments. Please spread word of my blog already I have been contacted about possibly writing an article for the national newspapers.

      As for everyone else that has been kind enough to post I’m afraid that I have not had a chance to respond to everyone’s post but am really appreciative of all your words of support about what happened.

  21. ss_rgentum says:

    First of all,being a doctor,a Bangladeshi I beg your pardon that we scared you.being a mother of a 15 months I know how much freaking its to find out the facts and those clumpsy decisions….i had c section at labaid hospital.the doctor was good but the hospitals..they just mean their profit only.these private hospitals R just eager to add extra charges to the bill…my baby was sent unnecessarily to NICU .when it comes to babies’well being U can never refuse, my husband couldn’t forbid them in spite of being a doctor…..we actually avoid government hospitals for long ques or not so hygenic environment but the private ones just suck out money out of us….well not all experience these but i think many of us have suffered..m sorry U had to face all to Nina…hope U R doing good……

  22. Caspion says:

    Well, Dr. Mrinal sucks!
    And I hope that you and your baby have a wonderful life. 🙂

  23. Saiba says:

    Seems like a good advertisement of public hospitals… Sure ur not sponsered by #hasina?

  24. babycoder063 says:

    She is adorable. Praise to Almighty that she is alright.
    I was born the same way; premature due to the greed of some doctors, who were more inclined towards money keeping aside their duty towards the patient.

  25. Samiha Bristy says:

    Hey I just read your story and am amazed at how you could deal with so much pressure after coming out of a C-section 🙂 I have a 2 year old son and had him delivered normally at another prime private hospital in Gulshan. My experience with the whole pregnancy was not so difficult and from the very beginning i made sure with my OBG that i wanted to have a normal delivery no matter what the situation. The worst experience in my pregnancy was in Thailand – i know it’s quite surprising. My husband and me were in Thailand and went to Bangkok Hospital for a second opinion during my 5th month. We were disappointed, hurt and left in tears in the modern, hygienic and very professional abroad hospital. after my checkup with the thai OBG she came to me with a grave face and told me that my child might have down syndrom and whether I would consider having an abortion on my 5th month of pregnancy. I broke down in tears and called my mother and has emotionally paralysed. I could not get the information in my head to reach my heart and make a decision. Thanks to Almighty we had friends there who immediately asked us to consult another hospital and have a through checkup. we did as advised and were told that our baby was fine and in good health. I deliver my son normally on the 26th of Jan 2012. We left the hospital just after spending 1 night. I am thankful that I never even considered thinking about what the Bangkok Hospital OBG suggested. I have a happy and healthy 2 year old who has absolutely no syndrome of any kind.
    I just thought if i share my experience you might get a general idea that when we are going through the vulnerable stages of pregnancy not all doctors – from any country – will be thinking about us and the baby but only their share of the profit. i hope and pray that no one has to go through such experiences where they are torn to pieces and left stranded with no hope.
    Best of luck with your baby and may she grow up to be a wonderful being.

  26. Ituki says:

    Hi Emma, lots of love and hugs for you and sweet Nina! This post is very important and you did the right thing by sharing. It needs lots of courage to go back to those frightening and harsh memories and yet you did such to help others- Nina is as courageous as her mommy! Being a doctor and Bangladeshi, I am feeling sad, ashamed and guilty too. You know what, you said the right thing-we have done great in terms of infant, mother and child mortality, however, sadly the authority has failed to check on these money-making hospitals like Apollo, United, Square etc.. From my professional experience, I think you would have got better care if you’d have attended a low or no – cost NGO clinic in Dhaka such as Marie Stopes Clinic, an Independent ObGyn or if you were a Brown-skinned Bangladeshi. But then again, you may not have undergone the unnecessary C-section but would have experienced a real rude mannerism and an unbearable environment in the Government hospitals. Your traumatic experience is consistent with what we, the public health professionals in Bangladesh, are feeling these days – we are doing better with the poor, but failing the urban higher class folks. Once again, my empathy to you and family and best wishes for cutie Nina! I am glad you said that her growth is normal. Love

    • Thank you so much for your very kind comment. We had considered delivering in Chittagong but whilst I found the medical staff to be sound the hygiene and quality of the facilities was really lacking. I honestly tried to overcome my anxiety but coming from the UK and having seen and grown up with minimum hygiene and quality standards I just couldn’t agree to labour there. That is when we decided to return to Dhaka and deliver with Dr Mrinal. I am delighted that in just one day 10,000 people have read about my experiences – it is important that the public is made aware and hopefully something can be done. I have shared my experiences on all the forums I belong to on (dare I say!) facebook and I have had lot of responses with people experiencing similar things. Sadly I am not in Bangladesh on an ex-pat package to when they increased the cost of our heathcare we did not have insurance to fall back on only our savings. Anyway – I am delighted that over 10,000 people have read about my experiences in just one day so it appears that the word is really being spread. A lady has contact me about publishing my story in the national newspapers and I will do all that I can to make sure this sort of practice stops. Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

  27. Rumm says:

    Hi! I’m so sorry you had to go through all this and could totally relate to the trauma you felt. I myself had a terrible second pregnancy where i was almost miscarrying my daughter on the fifth month of my pregnancy due to a condition called incompetent cervix. I was immediately operated on and a cerclage was placed in my cervix to hold it together. But i was very lucky it happened in singapore and not in dhaka. I was in the hospital for 87 days, yes, i counted the days. I went for just five days and ended up staying there for over five months. The entire time i was there laying in bed i kept telling myself: what if this happened in dhaka? Could they have been able to give me this treatment and care? Sadly i knew the answer and felt so sorry for all the women in dhaka who have gone through what i have. I was lucky! Very lucky! I gave birth to a healthy baby girl on the 37th week.
    I wish you hadnt gone through this horrible experience. No woman should! Thank you for posting this and making women in bd more aware. Congrats on your beautiful daughter. May she have a beautiful long life.

  28. Sakib says:

    I say, sue the Mrinal’s and hospitals asses out of existance. Pardon my French.

  29. Louise Ahmed says:

    Glad your baby is doing well after such a horrible experience. The hospital doctors are also ripping off the families of the elderly patients too. My mother in law had a severe stroke from which she remained unconscious, and my husbands family paid for unnecessary dialysis. The medical reports were brought back to the UK and our GP said my mother in law did not require dialysis and her prognosis was poor. Unfortunately she passed away having undergone a procedure that was totally unnecessary. The doctors use emotional blackmail, knowing the families will find the money somehow if they are told this is the only chance of survival. I would not recommend any foreigner to have their baby delivered in Dhaka, book yourself into somewhere like Singapore, or return to the UK for the last couple of months. Good Luck with your little one.

  30. Lisa says:

    Start a facebook page that’s called “Dr Mrinal should be sued,” or something like that, so you can share your story and other people can share theirs and warn expectant mothers inadvance.

  31. seyum says:

    I’m ashamed by the stupidity and reluctant behavior of Dr Mrinal.
    Being a doctor I must say that Dr Mrinal is a SOB, fraud.

  32. Colin says:

    I can totally relate to this. This Dr. Mrinal Sircar tried to do a surgery on my mother in law which if we allowed would spread her cancer rapidly. We had to forcefully take her out of his care. I hope more people get to know this so they can avoid such situationswertsy

  33. Shihab says:

    This is so sad. I cant imagine how you must have felt. It is so courageous of you to share this experience.I am deeply sorry and ashamed as a Bangladeshi that you had to face this in our country; let alone at one of the supposedly best hospital in Bangladesh. God knows what happens in other places. I am not a man of position; I can only apologize and pray that proper action is taken by the regulatory authorities like Ministry of Health.
    Its great to know that you and your daughter is okay now. God bless your family.

  34. Salma says:

    Hi Emma, I felt really bad reading your blog. I have done my graduation in medicine from Bangladesh and now working in London. Well, right now I am working as a paediatric trainee doctor. Here, we do feeding plans and associated support for the babies if we identify at hospital and I was surprised to know that your baby had 15% weight loss, yet no action was taken So, I exactly knew what you were supposed to have during your pregnancy and antenatal care. While I was in Bangladesh, I did training in holy family hospital in Dhaka. It’s not a fancy hospital but the OBG and Paeds team were really good and supportive to patients. Two of my consultants are really amazing and I know they are still performing very well. Not being in a fancy and expensive hospital, they are doing outstanding jobs. All the best to you and your baby. Hope you can make a difference.

  35. Sohel says:

    Almost all the doctors in bd urges pregnant couples to have c-sec instead of a normal delivery. they make it sound like as if it is impossible to have it naturally. Funny thing is if c-sec was so crucial then our population would’ve been much less because most of the unprivileged citizens cannot afford c-sec in the first place. Its just a scam to profit over the privileged ones. They are not doctors only butchers in disguise. I hope no one face such horrible experiences.

  36. Aupu Mehedi says:

    Same thing they did with us when my first baby was borne. In my life, I will never go to Apollo & will recommend others not to go as well. In fact they don’t provide any sort of treatment. All they do is make the bill bulk & put the commission in their pocket.

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  38. Jamil says:

    Reading your tramatic article made me wonder what will I do when I’ll be in your husband’s shoes? Appollo, labaid, square, united etc. hospitals are more or less the same as I hear many true but spine tingling stories about these fancy and rich class hospitals. Where shall we go? That’s the question with no answer. Congratulation and all the very best with your princess. !!! Best of luck

  39. sabrina says:

    Hi.I have same story. but Doctor was another. All of them acts same way. They played with the emotions of the parents.

  40. Reaz Shaheed says:

    Another horror story about Apollo and it’s goons! The only reason they continue to practice these miserable acts is because they get away with it and there has never been a proper litigation against either a hospital authority or the incompetent buffoons who have smeared a noble profession! I am glad it all ended well and your have a beautiful baby! Not many are even that fortunate.

  41. naureen says:

    Thank God All went well. Nina is gorgeous. Loved the pictures. God bless!

  42. Manal says:

    Hello Emma! I’m sorry to learn of your experience during child birth! But I owe my now 3 year old twins largely to Dr. Mrinal. I had been his patient for 3 years and have patiently worked through our ( my husband and mine) painful journey of infertility. My twins were born premature too but definitely not unnecessarily! Yes the post birth experience in the neonatal intensive care was not at all pleasant! Even though I was a doctor working at Apollo at the time! But then I have a friend who lost her baby at full term in the UK! She had less movements at term but sent home cause she wasn’t in labour yet! Next day when she returned, her baby had already died inside! And this happened in London! Now I live in Australia which claims to have one of the best health care systems in the world! But to my dismay, it’s not always perfect I either! But I’m really happy that Nina is thriving now! So are my boy- girl twins!

  43. Nazmun says:

    Only huge money and outside glittering can’t ensure loyal and honest service!!!! all the gliters r not gold.

  44. Hi,
    I stumbled upon this blog post and felt really sorry and ashamed that you had such a bad experience here in BD. I should say not every hospital or doctors are the same. I guess you already know that here you can’t expect the level of commitment or service as UK. That mostly is because of the higher ratio of patients per doctor. Anyways, I noticed some other people also had similar experience with this doctor. I wonder why not file a complain or sue him? Maybe you’ll not gain anything but the doctor will be warned and will be more careful for future cases. Also, if you plan to go ahead with legal action, I’d suggest to get some media attention first. Contact some journalist or online media if you can.

    Anyways, please don’t hate us for one doctor. And Nina looks really gorgeous. My best wishes for her.
    Take care.

    • Hi Ashiqur

      Yes we are taking action against the hospital and this doctor. Someone has suggested I go through the national newspapers as they have a family member that can help. I just want to make sure that I can stop this happening to anyone else.


  45. raian says:

    Dr.mrinal has ethical elder sister was his patient n he suggested my sister to prepare a good amount of money to get test tube babies.he said one of her felopian tubes is damaged and he operated the other one so she cannot have a baby normally. Good news is my sis gave birth to a perfect baby girl in the last august ’13 naturally under a different doctor.

  46. Navida Ikram says:

    Hi Emma,
    First of all congratulations! Nina is absolutely gorgeous!..God Bless her.

    I found your blog on a friend’s wall on Facebook today and after reading your story, old memories rushed back to me.I have to share my story. Hopefully, you will bearing with me.

    I delivered my daughter in Apollo Hospital in Sept. 2011, and Mrinal Kumar was my “doctor”. I’m a Bangladeshi, but a Canadian PR holder. I was in vancouver till I was 6 months pregnant. I had no complications whatsoever. I never even had morning sickness. Everything was going smoothly, until one day I got a call from my dad from Bangladesh that my mother was admitted in ICU. My mother had Lung Cancer, and she was in her last stage. I came rushing to Dhaka, just to see her. I was in my second trimester so it was okay for me to fly. I was a bit worried for who to consult in Dhaka, and if they’ll be able to take care of me. Funny, how my canadian doctor had so much faith in Bengali doctors. She told me not to worry and that they knew what to do and what not; I’ll be fine. If she only knew that these doctors aren’t like her. They don’t treat their patients the way the doctors in these countries do.

    I was already under a lot of stress coz of my mother, her health was deteriorating rapidly. I just couldn’t accept the fact that my mom was dying, when I was about to give birth to her grand-daughter. But I still had to remain strong for my baby and for my father. My husband took off from his work and came to Dhaka as well. He was worried about the baby and my health. We interviewed four doctors from different private hospitals in Dhaka and ended up liking Mrinal (I was stupid). Like you’ve mentioned, he was very nice during our monthly check ups. He didn’t speak much and sometimes didn’t even answer the questions that I asked him but still I don’t know why we liked him. Maybe cause he smiled mostly, which made us feel that we were in the right track. I told him from the very beginning that if everything goes smoothly, and if there are no complications I want to try for normal delivery. I know that the current trend of Bangladesh is to have a C-section, but I didn’t want that unless it was an emergency. Meantime, my mother passed away on 15th July. I was almost 8 months pregnant then. I knew I still had time to fly back to Vancouver but I just couldn’t fly out of Dhaka at that moment, leaving my father behind. And then after a month it was too late to fly. I could’ve risked it, but we didn’t want to. So I stayed back in Dhaka, relying on Mrinal to do my delivery (Again I was stupid!!!). During the last month of my pregnancy, I suddenly gained a lot of weight, and retained water in my feet, showing symptoms of pre-eclampsia. Though the doctor didn’t seem too concerned. He knew about my mother’s death and how it has been bothering me. But he never showed any concern towards my mental condition. My daughter was due on 16th September, 2011 but I went on labor in the morning of 14th Sept. We rushed to the hospital at around 9 am and from then I was admitted and kept in the pre-labor room. Everybody knew that I opted for normal delivery. All the other ladies came and had previously appointed C-section, and left with their babies, I was the only weird one in the ward. My contraction and my baby’s heart beat was being monitored, while the junior doctors came and kept checking on me. However, I didn’t see Mrinal’s face until 8 pm. Meanwhile, the junior doctors confirmed me that I’m dilating normally and I shall have the baby soon. Mrinal came at 8 pm, and while checking me, he broke my water bag, without letting me know first. He told me after he has done it. By the way, I wasn’t allowed to eat anything during this time, not even water or ice-chips!! I was already in labor for 12 hours by then. My mother in law was with me and she asked the junior doctors why I wasn’t given any drip (IV) to induce labor. The doctors said, I didn’t need that cause I’m already dilating without it. I was happy that everything was going smoothly, until Mrinal came and broke my water bag. After which my pain increased by 10 times. Within an hour I was screaming with pain, and i felt like i couldn’t breath. I wanted to take epidural but they don’t have that practice in Dhaka. My father and my Husband talked me out of it, and told me to bare with the pain. I kept telling that I was having problem breathing, but no one gave me any oxygen. Meanwhile, Mrinal came and checked and had a concerned look on his face. He said the baby isn’t coming down. But not once did he tell me to push or did he try to give me a massage to bring the baby down. He came, checked me and again went into the OT do cut someone up. At around 10:30 I couldn’t take it anymore. I started screaming so loud, that the junior doctors got worried. Mrinal was still in the OT, but the junior doctors took me to the labor room. They checked and told me I was fully dilated and was ready to have the baby. While they were preparing me for labor, Mrinal rushed into the room and started yelling at them. Asking them who took the liberty of bringing me into this room. Then without explaining to me what the complication was, he told me I’ll have to have a C-section. And all of a sudden the junior doctors couldn’t find the heart beat of my daughter,(which i heard even couple of mins ago) I was rushed into the OT and by 11:15 pm my daughter was born. Luckily she was healthy and had no complications. During my operation I kept asking Mrinal what happened, but he didn’t reply. After delivery I spent the night in the post operative as usual and then the next day i was taken to my cabin. Though the baby was fine, I started having severe head aches. Every time I tried to breastfeed my baby I felt like I was gonna die. I just couldn’t lift my up head. I told Mrinal about this, during his visits, but he told me nothing. Heck! he didn’t even check my wound once!!! By this time my husband lost patience. He was complaining to the hospital authorities about Mrinal but no body listened. On the 3rd day, after paying a HUGE bill, we went back home with my daughter; I still had unbearable head ache. That night, at dinner time I literally started seeing stars. My vision got blurry, and I couldn’t lift up my head. I quickly checked my blood pressure and it was 210/180. (I’m not exaggerating). My husband was shocked, he rechecked it and again it was the same. He called Mrinal, who told my husband that he was busy on the other phone and He can’t talk now. My husband got furious and called my Cousin, who’s also a doctor. At that time, I fell in the ground and lost my senses. Later when I regained consciousness, I was in the ICU of United Hospital, surrounded by 4/5 doctors, and had all kinds of medical equipments and IV’s attached to my body. I was told that I had Post-partum Eclampsia, for which I had convulsion, THREE times!, in 24 hours and I am lucky to be alive. Mrinal kumar, not once contacted my husband to know what happened to me that night. I can’t bare the thought of dying and leaving my newborn baby without a mother.

    So that’s my story. I came back home to my daughter after 7 days and now she’s 2 and a half years old, healthy and back in Vancouver. I’m fine now and planning to have another baby and I WILL NOT deliver in Bangladesh ever again. It’s a shame that my country has no law against these unethical crooked doctors. I’m sorry you had to go through this horrific experience. I understand how frustrating it can be. I truly hope people will learn from our experiences and will never go to Apollo.

    • Navida I am so sorry to hear that you were another one of Dr Mrinal’s victims. I too was stupid to have liked him though at the time I was just impressed that he seemed to “consult” with me (many of the drs here only spoke directly to my husband). My husband never liked Dr Mrinal as he felt that our questions were never answered but like you for some reason I didn’t register his true character during these check-ups. In my case I was so scared of the consequences – we were literally told our baby might not be alive which was rubbish. In fact as my baby had moved into a Breech position that was why her movements had changed. As I said in my blog they returned to normal on the afternoon of the 2nd but by then Mrinal had made the decision and that was that. Conveniently he also had two other c-sections booked in on the 3rd sept so I think this was also an issue of his diary management as well as a scam to increase our hospital bill.

      Navida please keep checking this blog as in due course I am going to set out our plan of action against Apollo. I have had 18,000 people read my blog and I have had so many responses about the unethical practice of Apollo. If you are willing I would like to use your story along with all the others to try and bring about a change in the malpractice of these so called doctors. We all need to ensure that Apollo and these other “star” hospitals are made accountable for their wrongdoing. Due to the overwhelming responses I feel I have a duty to bring this issue to national attention. To start I will arrange for my full complaint letter to be on public view and their pathetic response. I am also trying to get media attention and an appointment with the Health Minister.

      • Navida Ikram says:

        Please go ahead and use my story. I want justice too. I want this guy to lose his license and to be kicked out. I hope we all can make a difference!

  47. rumanan says:

    My writing is not a comparison, we all know the systems, the bureaucracy of Bangladesh cannot be compared and in fact every country has got its own way of having things done but I am just expressing my thoughts that how could a complected issue could be resolved in an extra ordinarily simple manner with a very restricted usage of resource..

    My twins were born on 2nd July 2010 in UK in a public hospital at Cardiff (Heath Hospital we call it). Through out my pregnancy, my husband was away in states and I was residing with my 6 years old and a job and a business to run. My 70yrs old dad came on and off from Dhaka but as many dads he was mostly restricted at home..

    I was given two week routine check up for monitoring of the babies and for my health check up as well. I still remember I used to turn up with my short stature carrying a massive weight round my tummy every other week to the hospital, where all the rooms were decorated with the same cheap curtains all over.. the whole pediatric department was in jubilant mood to have a new brush of color painted trough after a long wait!! the nurses, the medics, the doctors, the admin team did none of them seem to have posche cars waiting at the parking or glossy gestures but I am sure to witness smile at every face. I must say, me and my situation did torture them in every manner, not turning up on times, forgetting to bring the wee, appointments clashing with my meetings-school times with my elder ones— with all sorts of issue I used to go and the nurses, the medical assistants, ultra sono ladies just did their part of the system in few minutes and the consultant used to be a living angel still in my eyes. Not only she has given me extra extra time since I was discovered with a complicated twin pregnancy but she even was present in my operation theater and even had consultation with me long after the babies were born…

    In short, I gave my birth to my twins in July with bought a new house on the same month, moved to the new house, husband went back to states in few weeks and me went back to jobs and started a total different journey with three kids. Obviously my journey was not that easy as it sounds but talking about the medical system and its performance I must say, it was so simple, clarity at every stages and right decision at the right time— made things a lot easier. We could concentrate on many other things rather than thinking of my health or the twins health all the time.

    Given the fact I cannot imagine my life simply if I had to go through a constant confusion and tension regarding my twins heart beats, their kidney function, my diabetics etc etc..
    At one stage of the pregnancy I had to be hospitalized for anemia and i was completely puzzled where to put my son– how to go –back everything… It all melted down once I got admitted, my son was safely reclined on a chair by me, whole night might have passed in one pair of cloths, hospital’s non fancy food and with much cheaper version of beds and chairs and goodies, but I knew I was in a good hand, I know the two souls in my tummy are constantly having a much needed attention and my 6 years old is given a thorough clarity of what is going on around him my husband from the other part of Atlantic even though could not do much but could at least have a confirmation to himself that his family is doing well…

    My twins were premature d, underweight, I was anemic with diagnosed prolactonama— but we were ever so much grateful to NHS which is keeping us alive years after years…

    On the other hand couple of years before ended up to United Hospital at Bangladesh aftermath
    of my mums sudden heart attack in Bangladesh. She had to have a stenting done followed by a series of cardio vascular tests. Thank God my mum did come home alive but the amount of confusion, pre assumption, lack of clarity, tension we had to go through in the process was ridiculous.

    I just hope that there is a bit of justice and accountability in the medical system but at the same time I am thinking these attributes cannot be bestowed in a package to medical system only anyhow where the whole infrastructure is based upon a complete money oriented corrupted evil driven units.. it is not simple feasible…

  48. Farhana T says:

    I am really sorry you had to go through that! I can only imagine how traumatic the whole thing must have been for you! I am really glad that baby Nina seems to be doing ok, but I really hope you sue those greedy bastards at Apollo for their unethical, uninformed, callous treatment of you and for putting you through so much unnecessary misery! Further proof that just because a hospital looks nice, doesn’t mean it is nice. It is the people who make the hospital, no the fancy decor or tinted windows. All that glitters is not gold…

  49. sadmann! says:

    Apollo Hospital Dhaka has got 20% supreme quality doctors, 20% average standard… others are bunch of craps. Please don’t take anyone’s consultation until you are sure of your doctor’s capability. They push consultants to meet an expected target to fulfill. Many good consultants left because of those greedy management bustards.

  50. radinehsan says:

    Please don’t judge the healthcare sector of Bangladesh by Apollo’s standard.

    Wish Nina all the best!

  51. F.R.Khan says:

    Thanks to Almighty Allah for the final healthy Nina…but “For medical issues, one really ought to make a complete survey,as to where to whom to go…rest in hands of god”..Really a big problem.

  52. Dr. M.S.H. Taif says:

    Really shocking!!

  53. Hi Emma, sorry to hear about your story. I’ve heard of similar mishaps at these apparently top-notch hospitals in Dhaka, but never really read a full account. But glad to know Nina is doing good – many congratulations to you and your husband!

    I am journalist in Dhaka, and was curious to know if you’d like to meet for coffee sometime. Would like to know more about your story and/or find out others who may have faced similar difficulties. You can holler at me at, or connect with me on my blog at

    Hope to hear from you, and all the best with the little one!

  54. Ryan says:

    Hello Emma. Your unfortunate experience is one of the most common malpractice trends not only in Bangladesh but most of South Asia region. I am sickeningly familiar with malpractices that are promoted either by hospital management or senior consultants who work on commission / partnership – in some cases both. Thanks for your efforts to bring this to public knowledge. Apollo happens to be a JCI accredited organization and I would suggest you to also write to JCI directly describing the case: Assuming I have permission, I will share your blog post with a group of some good doctors and volunteers in Dhaka who have been active in working against childbirth related malpractice in Bangladesh. All the best wishes to your family – especially Nina. To tackle the world that awaits her, persuade her to be a lawyer when she grows up 🙂

  55. Anza says:

    Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! This is really sad to know what you have experienced during the birth of your daughter. I know the practice of unnecessary c-section is quite common in Bangladesh, especially among these fancy private hospitals and clinics. I have a worse experience of giving birth of my son here in Canada, and I think I can share my own story on this page. Being a Bangladeshi living abroad for higher study, I decided to give birth to my next child in Dhaka after a terrible birth experience in Canada but now reading your story makes me real confused.

    I was admitted in to the best hospital in the city while I was in my real labor in October 2012.. Everything was going fine until I was convinced by my midwifes and OB to take epidural for my increasing contraction pain. An Anesthetist came with his intern student to give me the epidural., The intern pushed the syringe into my spinal- nothing happened, o dear she chose the wrong vein! So she pushed it again and this time it was another wrong vein, which is related to my cardiac system! I ,lost my consciousness immediately, my heart bit dropped so was the baby’s. After a 2-hours of frightening struggle all was ended with an emergency c-section. This is the precised story of what happened to me when I was about to give birth normally.

    And about the breastfeeding issues you had let me share the expertise advice- your baby is always getting enough milk from your breasts, it’s never less unless you go through some major medical trauma. But improper latching can something the lactation consultant should help baby to get it fixed. You mentioned your baby lost 15% of her birth weight in one week after birth- this is completely natural (in medical science of course) so babies don’t need formula to improve their weight. This may not be the best place to tell you but I say it to all new mothers that breast milk is all a baby need in the first 6 months of her life. Formula contains genetically modified ingredients so don;t go for it.

    Happy motherhood!

  56. Nilima Haque says:

    Hello Emma,
    Its really tragic that you had to go through this. Thank god we didn’t consult with Dr. Mrinal. Unlike you, I had good experience with apollo. Dr. Monowa was my doctor.
    I am glad nina is fine now. God bless her.

  57. Shohail Choudhury says:

    C section is a trend in Dhaka. We are in UK and ladies from Dhaka don’t like it at all when doctors suggest normal delivery. They think normal delivery is animal like and letting women suffer with pain.
    While the hospitals in Dhaka are unethical it is also a fashion to go to Apollo. Its much cheaper if you go Gono Sastho hospital or alike.

  58. sk. sajida rahman says:

    Thank u for sharing ur experience…but its very common in Bangladesh…Dr. all they want to do c-section without any reason..they all are care about the money .they’re monsters….my experience is worser than that…

  59. Tamanna says:

    Hi Emma,
    Your write up made me so emotional. I gave birth of my daughter in a hospital of Canada, it was a c section but you know they wait until I had completed my 40 weeks. Even, when I was in the hospital, they tried their best to make a normal delivery. I am so sorry that your baby had to suffer a lot for one of the doctors of my Country.
    Now you are the proud mother of a gorgeous baby girl. I am sure that you are enjoying your time with your daughter as I do. Take care. Love to your baby.

  60. Nusrat Jahan says:

    Dear Emma, Thanks for opening this page to share.In Bangladesh normally sufferers do not get any relief in court regarding doctors negligence since it’s v difficult to prove. When anyone go to court no doctor gives opinion against their colleagues and they say it was done in good faith. We hv a bad experience wt Apollo.The moment we took one of our aunty in Apollo in 2012 doctors said she need to be admitted in ICU since her condition is critical but after releasing from Apollo whn we took her in BKK doctors said,” why there r many spot of injection?” We replied Apollo put her ICU and push saline continuously.” I don’t have any kid.Bangladeshi, Thai & Indian doctors couldn’t identify any reason of my infertility & my husband’s count was ok but they repeatedly gave me infertility treatment! They tried IVF also.Bangladeshi doctors cudn’t gift us baby but they gifted me early diabetics…Thks for sharing at least if we share our bad experiences.Plz keep me in all of yr prayers if I get any opportunity in my professional life I will bring it under Consumer Protection Right like India. Nusrat Jahan, Advocate Supreme Court of Bsnhladesh.

  61. A Zaman says:

    I don;t know how I picked up this thread but regretting and condemning the disturbing incidence both, mental and monetary,experienced by you and your wife . It is absolutely true that all the Bangladeshi hospitals, clinics, doctors are cohort at minting money out of peoples misery and fear and we the middle-class and downward Bangladeshis do not have any other option but to bear with it. No amount of writing will improve this situation. One question though I cannot help but ask – what were you thinking ? despite having the luxurious option of having your Child delivered in a world setting standard country UK , why did you put yourself and your child in the predicament read above ??? I also think you are to blame yourself and your hubby in taking such an unwise decision that put your precious child in such predicament. Sorry for what you had to go through and wishing your Child gets to be a happy and strong in life. One think I can advise, please do not take any risk in life with what is precious, always take advice from friends and family and take the safest option.

  62. Hafsa Noor Chowdhury says:

    Dear Emma,
    I am from Chittagong and your father-in-law Mr. Mohiuddin Chowdhury, the ex Mayor of Chittagong is a very well-known person. We heard your story earlier (3-4months back) in a family wedding when someone was talking about it. There I heard as they were saying, you already approached Apollo with your issue in written complaint form and they replied to you touching the issues raised. So, what happened after that? Because, why I am saying this, I had an issue with my mother in their dialysis care, which when I raised to the people around, they handled very promptly with very satisfying damage control measures; I still go to Apollo once a week with my mother. So, I am a personal witness to Apollo’s Management responding to patient feedback. Thank Allah, lovely little Nina is doing well, so we need to rely on Obstetrician’s clinical judgement as they have to deal with two lives, mother and the baby, hence I believe they shouldn’t take any either/or decision, they should do whatever necessary to keep baby and mother alive and healthy. Masha-allah you and your baby are both safe and healthy, that is what says all. Enjoy motherhood, I have, masha-allah three children myself, all delieverd by c-section, where not my doctor but my husband insisted on c-section as he couldn’t take my pain anymore. However agonizing the personal experience may be, while making things public, we should keep an open mind that’s what I needed to say….

    • Hi Hasfa – Apollo originally apologised orally when they were aware a complaint was coming but when my complaint was put in writing they did not apologise and denied everything that happened (once again my blog only summarised what happened). I aim to make my full complaint and their response available to the general public very soon. Thanks for your comments.

  63. shahadat says:

    Mrinal is a blustered

  64. Zia says:

    I have spent the past two days reading all your blogs, having noticed it on a mutual friend’s Facebook page. Very enlightening reading, I can relate to most of the things you have written about as I am a Bangladeshi/British female who has lived in Dhaka for half of my life and the latter half in the UK. I miss all things Bengali…..especially my childhood school friends and of course, the culinary delights!
    My heart goes out to you whilst reading about Nina’s premature delivery and the trauma you had to endure. I am so glad to see she is doing well, beautiful baby….Mashallah. However, I would agree with you when you say that you will come back to the UK for any further medical intervention. Why not use the NHS when you are entitled to it and I think we get a great ‘free’ service here. Both my children were born here, my niece was born here in the UK too and we had the most wonderful care and service by the NHS, both pre and post natal.
    I would love to keep in touch with you and also carry on reading your blogs….it appeases my home sickness somewhat. Do send me an email address. It would be great to share some thoughts. Thank you. Best wishes to Nina and regards to your husband and family.


  65. rupak says:

    Hello emma…I believe u were very much generous in expressing your experience with dr mrinal and apollo. I understand the actual scenario was real worse than u hav narrated.
    I’ve been having my wife checked up by this doctor, but I’m not very satisfied surely. I find him not interested to answer to the queries of patients and attendants. I found him apathetic to matters that even come up in the mind of a non-medical person like us. One day he reacted withloud voice saying me that there r not my area of expertise and I should not ask him questions like those… failed to make him understand that my concers were very obvious since those were related to my wife. He referred to his assistant to answer my question who was in turn more irritating. I dont know how much commission they receive from the fees charged to the patients…they appeared more interested in referring to expensive medical examinations which again must be done at apollo. They also asked me time to time to singn on some documents as an evidence of the medical briefing they gave, but didn’t give us copies. Later they refer to those documents on various occassions and told me “u see here u’ve signed the paper, why u r asking now, did u sign these without understanding the matter? “.
    Anyway emma , I’ll follow your blog and the actvity and concern u r going to raise with the others. Best wishes to you and your loving daughter.

  66. sharmin sultana says:

    I also had these type of experience in square hospital after my daughter was born. They kept my daughter 7 days in nicu for the same reason but her weight was 3.86 kg & I had normal delivery. Its the pediatrician who was guilty not my gynecologist. They only wanted to increase their hospital bill. My daughter had no problems but they kept nicu for false reason only for bill

  67. anamika says:

    Apollo hospital should recruit good bangladeshi doctors not the bull shit Indian doctors like Dr. Mrinal…these bullshit Indian doctors making Apollo hospital so down. I went there and got very good service from bangladeshi specialist. for pregnancy better to find a well known doctor within the relatives. Good to know that Nina doing fine.

    • rupak says:

      I heard dr mrinal is a graduate from dhaka medical college hospital…hez not an indian.

      • Hafsa Noor Chowdhury says:

        Dr. Mrinal Sarker has graduated from Barisal Medical College not from Dhaka Medical College; before joining Apollo Dhaka he was practising in Khulna; he never practiced in Dhaka before he joined Apollo, with his name and hindu religion he sometimes is assumed to be an Indian mostly by those patients who come to Apollo to show an Indian doctor; so Mrinal enjoys the benefit of getting patients by being an Indian (assumed) doctor as well as that of a Bangladeshi doctor. He has got a long queue of patient and he is earning huge; so if he is such a bad doctor why patients are waiting months to get his appointment?

      • anamika says:

        Rupak, Dr. Mrinal is from India.

      • Hafsa Noor Chowdhury says:

        Dear Anamika, Dr. Mrinal Sarker is a Bangladeshi doctor, he originates from Mymensingh and he did his medical graduation from Barisal Medical College.

  68. Farah Hossain says:

    At 13 weeks, DR. MRINAL just checked the baby by touching my stomach. Without any sort of scan, he concluded right there and then that my baby’s head wasn’t developed properly and the baby is smaller than it should be at 13 weeks. He immediately sent me to make an scanning appointment. This being my first pregnancy, i got in to a frenzy and worried. Thankfully, my husband had more sense and told me to get a second opinion. And what do you know? It was a load of bullocks.

  69. Nigar says:

    Good to see that Nina is fine now, may God bless her. She is really adorable.

  70. anwar mishkat says:

    SUE Them! They need a good lesson.

  71. asifalam007 says:

    Hi Emma ! I read your post. But I have faced different scenario regarding fertility treatment one of my aunt. She took fertility treatment from him few months before. She was totally satisfied. Her child is in good condition. I think Apollo Fertility Center provides complete service with full satisfaction.

  72. Dr. Mrinal and his team are very helpful. They guided us as like as family. No doubt about their treatment and service. My first child was delivered under Dr. Mrinal two years ago. I like their guidance.

  73. Asif says:

    Dr. Mrinal is a bangladeshi i think…not Indian….

  74. Jony says:

    :-s confused ! i got great service from hospital’s Dr & management when i went there for with my elder sister. i had a very good experience and i found management if too helpful to me. it is really too if this story is true and there is no fabrication to get people’s sympathy in other way and want to get some business benefit.

  75. j.alam says:

    :-s confused ! i got great service from hospital’s Dr & management when i went there for with my elder sister. i had a very good experience and i found management if too helpful to me. it is really too if this story is true and there is no fabrication to get people’s sympathy in other way and want to get some business benefit.

  76. mimzara says:

    I’ve been admitted in the Apollo Hospitals Dhaka under Dr. Mrinal. My stay was about 72 hrs. But the stay was fully satisfied at all. Me and my daughter (zara) are now living healthy. Thanks to also Apollo pediatrician team for taking care of my only daughter Zara.

  77. kshovon55 says:

    Thanks to Dr. Mrinal and his team for saving my Wife and son…I heard that Dr. Mrinal is best for fertility treatment. Best wishes to him and his team..

  78. sumona791 says:

    My Husband and me went there for treatment. I delivered my first baby under Dr. Mrinal. Overall treatment was good.

  79. Ataul karim says:

    hi emma, sorry for ur sorrow experience.pray 2 the almighty 4 nina.may ALLAH save her in earth & thereafter every time,as HE did.
    u know what, in bangladesh some sorts of people having uncountable money (sucked from poor people) r very much fond of APOLLO,SQUARE,UNITED,LAB AID etc. 2 spend their??? is not only the pics of APOLLO,SQUARE,UNITED,LAB AID but almost all private clinic or as a doctor saw in many private most of senior doctors r concerned about the profit of hospital rather the condition of patient.badly this is also increasingly done in govt. hospital to skill up the doctors as we saw in gynae and obs ward with few exceptional goodness.
    i had a small bitter experience with better outcome in birth of my mother told me 2 take my sister 2 govt hospital.but due 2 dirtiness i preferred to sister was all O.K. but after waiting just a bit the senior doctors told to do C-section.professor and the head of the department came and ordered the junior to ready my sister for mother was crying and rebuking me 4 not taking sister to govt hospital.luckily the junior doctor was good,she was trying her best and asked us to take the risk of waiting for more and be mentally ready 4 C-section.we took the risk.but time was going.i was given the drug slip for C-section.i went 2 shop,bought drugs,and was blaming myself.i returned 2 the ward,kept the drugs on the floor and heard the crying of my beloved nephew.

  80. khansimon says:

    Dear Emma ! I am extremely sorry to hear your experience in Apollo. But my elder sister also taken treatment from Dr. Mrinal from March 2013. She shared with me about some good experience in Apollo Hospitals Dhaka’s treatment. She thanked to Dr Mrinal and his team for their support while she was admitted in hospital.

  81. Umme Kulsum says:

    First off all thanks to Allah almighty for keeping you and your baby secure. I live in Melbourne and had two kids in two years. I know that stress and anxiety that any woman would go through when she is having her first baby. The way Apollo and its doctors treated you is totally unacceptable. Unfortunately you lived in country where there is such a severe case of loss in accountanbility every where. Any gyno in there right mind would want to keep a baby for at least 38 weeks. I had two very high risk pregnancies, and had to go Mercy Hospital at least 2-3 times a week and received the best care from them. Dont have any more kids in Bangladesh if you have better options elsewhere

  82. arif m khan says:

    Everybody, plz listen to me! I’m a Bangladeshi doctor responding:
    At the very onset I say sorry to u & all others who hv gone through the SHOCKING events as u meant here……..words are just inadequate to express my deep regret.

    The SOB Mrinal and Apollo admin should be punished……..only cancelling Mrinal’s (I even feel ashamed to call him ‘doctor’) registration isn’t just enough, clearly he needs to be imprisoned according to the rule of law.

    Having said all above, may I request everybody’s patience to analyze the facts I’m telling below.

    Well, cricket is a very interesting game & in countries (including Bd) where it is played, people r just crazy about any ODI, T-20 or test match. Whenever we hear any match-fixing scam by any world class player of any country, we r extremely shocked……..but does it erase the beauty of the game itself??? Do we ever accuse ALL THE OTHER GREAT CRICKETERS, or express SUSPICION ABOUT THEIR EXCLUSIVE PERFORMANCES????? If not, why,why,why on earth u people make sweeping remarks about all docs in BD (for the criminal acts of a FEW docs)……….while, many of Bd docs r doing extremely good at world standard! No point making sweeping remarks, is there any?

    If u all know that BD is the MOST DENSELY POPULATED country of the world, then why can’t u apply simple logic that Bd essentially have the LARGEST no. of BIRTHS everyday ( be it normal vaginal or caesarean delivery). So, guess who r doing the relentless jobs in different hospitals of assisting moms to be moms, who? The docs & their team, aren’t they? Every single day they r making world records (as our population per sq km itself is aworld record)!!!!!!! Rather than spending nights after nights in front of computer or TV screen lazily, my I request some of u to come out of the comfort zone of ur AC room and pay a surprise visit @ labour ward of my alma mater, Dhaka medical college hospital or Mitford hospital or even any of the medical college hospitals (in peripheral / district level) at the dead of night,i.e., 2 am or 3 or 4 or @5am! I just CHALLENGE everyone of u that u’ll just be SURPRISED how doctors r working hard to manage OVERWHELMING burden, which is almost a daily phenomenon ( that’s simple, just bcoz, we’v highest population, hence highest pregnant ladies & no surprise, highest newborns. U’ll HARDLY find any doc or staff in G&B dept HARDLY in any BD govt hospital, who despite working in G&O dept, never donated blood to a patient @labour (our journalists r never interested to publish those news in print or e-media, huh!). In emergency situation, when critical patient’s attenders can’t manage blood…….doctors/staffs make no delay to donate just to save a mom or baby!

    Stray incidents / greedy people may be anywhere….but that should not deter u from understanding the total picture! Even here, two ladies told their SHOCKING experience in Canada and Thailand (clearly, Thailand experience is MORE DISAPPOINTING than Emma’s!)……so u never know where u may be at the hands of incompetent or unjust people!

    As far as the RISING trend of CS is concerned, as u all here r internet-literate, may I request u to search about rising trends of CS globally & those here r biased that “everything here in BD isn’t good” will find out of sheer surprise that EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY IN THE GLOBE, the no. of CS is on RISE! That’s more bcoz, in “to be okay or not to be” situations, doctors & pt party both don’t want to take any CHANCE…rather try to control things by letting a CS! Even u’ll be amused to see the percentage of “patient’s choice” as the coz of CS!

    Apart from cricket (in which we may not hv received a lot of awards, but we hv, perhaps reached a decent standard), Bd received quite a no. of prestigious global awards in health sector Mx, reducing maternal & infant mortality rate, vaccinatn, communicable disease control & diff public health issues. It reflects nothing but the terrific thankless job relentlessly being done by people in this sector.

    As far as Mrinal & Apollo cases r concerned, to me, it seems inexplicable how a doctor, without DIRECTLY CONSULTING the patient / party, can just send nurses to the patient just to inform that her CS will be done next day… is it possible???!!! If a doc is SO IRRESPONSIBLE, then why didn’t u think to change hospital RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT? Just believe me, Emma, EVEN in a district / Upazilla private clinic in BD, even if the doc / hospital authority really interested to go for CS just to make more profit, THEY JUST CAN DO NOTHING until giving some reasonable explanation & taking proper consent. But, here in Apollo all these RIDICULOUS things happening & nobody protesting (until now)!!!

    I still hv many other things to share, but neither I hv time nor u hv patience to read any more!

    I just demand exemplary PUNISHMENT of Mrinal. Apollo management should also not be spared.

    Finally, best wishes & kiss to Nina:-)

    • Mollika Nasrin Kolly says:

      Thanks for your writing 🙂 as a doctor I also feel ashamed of these type of doctors who only wants money, when they see a pt they treat them a subject to make more money 😦

  83. Imtiaz says:

    I have heard a lot of bad complains and experiences in Apollo Hospital. So sad tht noone takes ne action against them. Btw.. did neone hear abt Dr. Gulshan Ara in Apollo or neone seeing her regarding pregnancy? I heard she is a very good gynae and really take gud care of her patients. Any experiences with her anyone?

  84. Charlie Brawnsun says:

    Very well-written article. Reminds me of some research/writing I did last yr for a piece on obstetrics in Vietnam. Similar deal w/ many private hospitals there. C-sections are recommended in many cases not for the health of the patient or newborn, but rather to pad the hospitals’ bank accounts. Add in the neonatal care costs and delivery by C section turns into a gravy train for docs and hospitals.

    It also doesn’t hurt some docs/private hospitals that in Vietnam astrology factors highly. Many expectant mothers want their babies to have an auspicious birth date. (Naturally this hand is brilliantly played by some health care providers to cheerlead induced birth.)

    Thanks for sharing and best of luck.

  85. tasrif says:

    You should definitely do something against this doctor. I am a doctor myself and it makes me so angry after listening to ur story.

  86. Shariful Haque says:

    The writing was heart touching. My eyes were tearing, how come man become such brutal….
    You all are blaming Mrinal Sarker (dont like to say him a dr.) but I believe it is Apollos administration.

    Those who reads newspaper can memorise the article publised few months back about mistreatment happened on one of our UP chairman. Can remember I read few more such type of news.

    I also can remember one of my colleague’s wife got sick and after completing dozens of medical tests dr advised to get admitted eventhough hospital did not recognize what was the problem. Sensibly leaving Apollow she went to a local hospital and there dr said it was merely Malaria.

    One of my friends mother was having serious pain with her leg. Dr in Apollo hospital advised to cut the leg. Dr said she had been suffering from gangrene and if leg was not get cut she would die. Sensibly my friend left the hospital without having treatment from Apollo. Trust me it is more than 4 years she is completely fit.

    Myself went an orthopaedic ( cannot remember the name) there. Did blood and urine test and did x-ray also. Nothing found, dr prescribed dozens of medicine and avised to vist him again after a week. He prescribed more medicine. I did not like that and threw all medicine and neve went back to Apollo.

    Congratulations on your little angel, so happy to know both of you are healty and well. God bless you.

    Thanks/ Tuhin

  87. Rashed says:

    Well! congratulations to you and your family and very cute Nina. It’s horrible story though i had different experience at Apollo. No doubt Dr. Mrinal is also best there.And to be frank from my experiences, i must say service of apollo hospital is best than any others in Bangladesh.And to be frank from my experiences, i must say service of apollo hospital is best than any others in Bangladesh.

  88. NUS says:

    You have written so deliberately, Ms. Emma Burton. This is certainly true that, you took several months to prepare that. This is considered as admirable. Along with this, as a deliberate and
    conscious person, I look at the things from different standpoints.

    One thing I didn’t understand, Ms. Emma Burton.

    People make plans for their children to be born and be always ready for any situation. Certainly, you were ready & you two had some plans. In the 11th line of your blog you have mentioned “our consultant Dr. Mrinal”. That means that, you were ready to be taken care of by Dr. Mrinal. Why did you select him? Did his reputation force you to do that? Or, you just go to the Apollo Hospital & make an appointment to Dr. Mrinal since you didn’t have any deliberate plan on Nina’s birth event? And if you were forced to appoint him as your consultant because of his reputation, why should we believe you?

    I have some more questions. I will throw those after getting the answer.

    • Hi NUS and thank you for your comments and questions. You will see from my other post “Healthcare in Bangladesh” that I was initially very content with Apollo’s standard of care. I had written very positively about Apollo on that occasion but little did we to know we were going to be so exploited. We had actually selected Dr Ritu as our consultant but she left Apollo to return to India and recommended Dr Mrinal that is why we transferred to him.

      • NUS says:

        I ain’t satisfied with this reply. If you were being deliberate to your duties as parents, surely you inquired about him and certainly were satisfied with the reputation of Dr. Mrinal. How it can be believed that such doctor with such reputation can ignore a baby’s birth event? Or you didn’t make any query about him at all?

      • I am sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with my response. Of course you are entitled to your opinion. I can only be honest about what happened and my experiences.

      • NUS says:

        As a professional, Dr. Mrinal Sarker had to be certain that the baby was still alive. The observation and query to ‘see if the baby is alive’ is a very professional language. If the baby is not alive, what would have done by him? As a man driven by logic, I’m convinced that, he had to do the preliminary scans. While he is convinced that the baby had heart-beat, the next procedures took place. What’s wrong in that?

        This sentence mentioned by you may make him a guilty to the readers’ minds and you have made a judgment before justification while overwhelming with emotions.

  89. Hafsa Noor Chowdhury says:

    Dear Emma, to remain true to your honesty, as you claimed, shouldn’t you let everyone see the post Apollo Hospital Dhaka made to reply to your accusations? They sent reply to your blog as well, why are you not posting that? This is the link which all should read. Hope you would let this post of mine to be published as well.

    • Thanks for your comment. What I approve on my own blog at my discretion are the comments I have received from the general public, not Apollo Hospital Dhaka or similar/competing organisations. I have not written my experience at Apollo for anyone’s truth test. Apollo responded with another blog, and that is for them to tell people. I have written a far more in-depth complaint letter to Apollo, setting our the whole incident in a lot of detail. And as expected they denied their responsibility. I am not the sole victim of Apollo, neither do I want to be glorified as one. I am writing a response to their blog which I will publish tomorrow. This is simply my blog detailing my experiences in Bangladesh and most recently at Apollo Hospital Dhaka. I am not turning it into a corporate publicity page. People should search, read and make up their own mind. In my response you will also read of other news stories regarding Apollo’s unethical practices and negligence. I am sure we all must be lying!!!!

      • Hafsa Noor Chowdhury says:

        Just read your other post where you commented against blog post of ApolloDhaka; now as logic has failed; it has become mud slinging against Apollo and instigating other people’s emotion writing passionately about own misery, is it? With the risk of having to sound insensitive to your agony, I would reiterate one should keep an open mind before using social media to satisfy personal vendetta against someone as things didn’t go the way one wanted; however wishing Nina all the best I can only hope you eventually have solace in your mind and calm down over a period of time; the way your are pouring vitriol in your blog with personal grievance, will burn you only no one else. I’ll understand if you don’t post this or if this post gets bombarded with thousands of illogical emotional replies.

      • Sajjad says:

        All she is trying to do is bring out what had been an elephant in the room for bangladeshis. People want and deserve accountability. What you are asking of her is to publish Apollo’s side of story as well. Why should she? Did you ever see a lawyer publish the opponents side of story as well? She is trying to help others unlike you whoever you are. So, please take your absurd opinion and go somewhere else. FYI, my parents and siblings are all doctors practicing in Dhaka.

  90. shaila says:

    Good job!!! Bravo!

    First blessings to your daughter that she will have a great life ahead of her.

    This is not abnormal in Apollo Hospital. Even the indian doctors of Calcutta Apollo Hospital (including Dr. Amitabha Ghosh) has warned us about the quality of the professionals available in Dhaka Apollo.

    Thank you for being so brave, because there are few doctors in dhaka and there is not any system or penalty common for the doctors’ unethical doings (Apollo Hospital included); so people are afraid to question such unethical doings, because they will have to go back to the same doctors whatsoever.

    I had the same experience with Dr. Moarraf Hossen. He was, opposed to Dr. Laxman Obyskara who suggested my mother to go to india for chemo, pushing me to take chemo under his observation, not bothered to share the knowledge that there is better and cheaper chemo available in india. when we told him about the better chemo, MTX, he become very aloof during our consultation and didnt take a minute to say, “yes, but even with MTX, average people live only two years”.

    You know the miracle!! Two years passed. My mother is still alive and healthy.

    Later, another patient form USA just explained the whole thing. acutally the statistics shown here include the lymphoma patients of terminal stage and are mostly age over sixty. these statistics never include the healthy people. they are about to die anyway and MTX has extended their living period.

  91. Blog reader says:

    Dear Emma,

    I have been following your blog for the past few days since I discovered it on a mutual friend’s Facebook page. I have read them all and commented on your blog about the birth of gorgeous Nina. In the last couple of days I have been reading the huge responses you are getting on this particular topic but it really saddens me that some people are leaving such harsh and “below the belt” critiques on your despicable treatment in the hands of Dr. Mrinal. I am a British/Bangledeshi who was born and brought up in Dhaka but living in the UK for the past two decades. It really disappoints me that people can be so insensitive to your case. You must be suitably disappointed too.

    The main thing though is that Nina is thriving well with the family and that is what really matters. I am ashamed that some of my fellow Bangladeshis are so thoughtless.

  92. Shahed says:

    This reputed Doctor is a criminal ! a complete son of a **** . Please excuse my word! But I cannot choose any decent word other than this ! He has lots of incidents of similar types. This person should be in jail if similar things happen in abroad.

    We don’t need such a reputed, experienced and renowned monster in our country.

  93. Adam says:

    First of all congratulations on the birth of your baby. It is unfortunate for you to have gone throught this ordeal. No one deserves this. However I hope you and the baby are well.

    It is sad and alarming to hear that doctors in the renowned hospitals are so irresponsible, one can only imagine how bad the ones in smaller hospitals are.

    I heard that large private hospitals have a tendency of trying to do a C-section as they can get more money out from the patients.

    It is good that you and a few others have have pointed out the doctors name.

  94. Becky says:

    My beloved father passed away on January 19, 2014 in ill-reputed Apollo Hospital Dhaka.While we were moderately satisfied with their treatment this time around (unlike 2010) when we had him airlifted to Thailand, we have seen many things of concern as a loved one’s family @ Apollo Dhaka and I plan to write them with those eye-catching complaints. I have heard more individual horror stories but yet I can hardly find any web sites reflecting them so thank you for taking time to let the cat out of the bag. Congrats on your baby girl.

  95. Muhammad says:

    As Salam-u-Alaikum.

    Dr. Mrinal was a low category doctor in Khulna back in ’90s. He got beaten and assaulted by people there. Then he went to India and got some degrees and experience from some hospitals in India. Finally he joined Apollo. Since Apollo has some Indian docs, everyone thinks he is indian too, in fact he is not. Also, to cut costs Apollo recruits third-level docs from India!

    By the way, Dr. Mrinal used to live in Tootpara Graveyard area in Khulna City and still older people remember him there for his acts… beware!

    Fi Amanillah

  96. Victim says:

    Apollo Hospital Dhaka brought some low grad doctor from India to boost revenue. It is all about business. Pleas avoid Apollo. Square is 100 times better than Apollo. It is another story!

  97. shamima says:

    My married life 6 years running but I didn’t conceive.i m stay in Dubai, UAE. 6 year’s I was under the treatment but no results. 4 times I have been done IUI but no results. Now doctors told me that my last treatment is IVF But in dubai treatment is very expensive. I m from bangladesh. Should I go to apollo hospital for IVF? .PLZ HELP ME

  98. kamran says:

    Hello there guys I’m just here to give you my experience about this whole thing. We came back to Bangladesh for my business. And we were kinda stuck here because of that. Hence we went to both Apollo and United Hospital. Our doctor in Apollo was monowara and United was Nasim Mahmood. And from day one I could see the difference between the two hospitals. Apollo would not let us decide anything about the baby whereas United would inform us about the whole thing before anything they would do. In fact monowara misdiagnosed and said she was iugr and needs a c section. We never went back to get her opinion anymore after that day and that was a good decision.

    Anyhow my wife had a natural delivery under the supervision of doctor naseem and after seeing her in action I can safely say that I trust her completely with my wife’s health. She is really good at what she does and has everything under control.

  99. Monika says:

    Mrinal is a silent guy and not responsive to patients query. his assistant doctors are just stand beside hims and obey what he is saying. overall bangladesh the doctors are not efficient and they just try to find more income to the hospital and to them in turn. hence don’t go by hospital name go by reputation of doctors.

  100. Pingback: Giving Birth In Bangladesh – Appalling Apollo Hospital, Dhaka | Progress Bangladesh

  101. Md. Abbas Uddin says:

    Abbas, May 14, 2016
    It’s seriously shocking but simple scenario of private sector medical services. GoB. sector comparatively better than that. Thanks to face and manage the erratic experience. British medical/health services is the best in planet where as Bangladesh is Developing country only of which could not fulfill your demand.

  102. Tani says:

    What a beautiful baby ❤

    I apologize as a bangali that you had to face such problems in what is supposed to be a "well-known" hospital. Bangladeshi mothers suffer from this and the worst part, the medical staff do not admit their Faults…terrible!

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